“Ukroboronprom” defense State Concern plans to use NATO standarts

Sergiy Pinkas

Sergiy Pinkas

One of strategic goals of “Ukroboronprom” company’s development is to work according to international standards. First Deputy General Director of  “Ukroboronprom” Sergiy Pinkas said that the equipment used by Ukrainian Army was manufactured in USSR time. So now the priority is to use NATO standards. This will allow to provide modern equipment to military forces of Ukraine and to increase defense level of the country.

explained that this is common for Europe. 1st we need to borrow technologies and 2nd we need to understand who is the investor and what kind of government contracts we are going to have.

Today, about 60 companies that are part of the Concern are implementing quality management system ISO 9001. Those standards will help to structure the management, finances and to unify production processes, including inner audit. In the nearest future “Ukroboronprom” will work as single corporate system based on European standards and the next step is going to be implementation of NATO standards in production of weapons.

Reported by “Ukroboronprom”


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