Security Service of Ukraine prevented hijacking attempt of military aircraft.

Russian agent captured by SSU

Russian agent captured by SSU

Counter-intelligence unit of Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) stopped the plan of Russian Federation intelligence to hijack Ukrainian military aircraft. Russians wanted to use a serviceman of Ukrainian Air Force. SSU prevented involvement of Ukrainian servicemen.

Representatives of Russian secret service used agent network of Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The leader of the group was agent of Russian military intelligence who was born and lived in Mykolayv and was Ukrainian citizen.

That person was recruited by Russian secret service in July in Sevastopol. His first task was to organize a group of locals. The agent was in contact with an officer of Russian secret service (GRU) who he met in Belgorod city on the territory of Russian Federation.

During that meeting he was given new task to organize hijacking of an aircraft from the airport Kulbakino to the territory of Russian Federation. The group planned to make contacts with servicemen of Ukrainian Air Force who were working at the airport in Mykolayv, specially with the officers who are taking part in Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO), they planned to buy them offering 300 000 USD, place to live and citizenship in Russian Federation.

Separate reward was offered to Ukrainian servicemen for collecting information and secret data about military units of Ukrainian Army.

On November 24 Russian agent was captured while he was trying to get secret defense documents. When he was captured he had a grenade with him, maps of military airport, records about military facilities in Mykolayv Region.

Here is also a video posted by SSU on their official channel on YouTube, it also shows the moment when the Russian agent was captured.

Reported by Security Service of Ukraine

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