Security Service of Ukraine arrested Russian citizen

Security Service of Ukraine intelligence found and arrested a terrorist who belongs to DPR group. His name is Zhadan Stanislav, born 1991, Russian Federation citizen, who lives in Millerovo city in Russia.

This person illegally crossed the border with Ukraine at “Izvarine” border control checkpoint, it is controlled by pro-Russian terrorists right now and he was trying to get to Donetsk to join DPR terrorist group.

On October 26 of this year this Russian was arrested.

The terrorist arrived to Ukraine to take part in terrorist activity of DPR (Donetsk People Republic). He said that in October he got in touch with one of the leaders of DPR who offered him to join their illegal armed group and promised to give weapon and pay 1000 Rubles per day (that’s about 23 USD).

Arrested man had passport of Russian Federation citizen with him.

Russian terrorist passport

Russian terrorist passport

Reported by Security Service of Ukraine.

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