OSCE observers in Ukraine were attacked in Donetsk Region

Special Monitoring Mission of OSCE in Ukraine published the report about yesterday attack. They were driving between two Ukrainian Army checkpoints on the road that connects Kirove and Shumy. Ukrainian military escorted them. When they got to Shumy at 12:10 one of the observers got out of the armored vehicles. Right after that there was a shot from grenade launcher RPG and the grenade landed 150 meters from OSCE car. Unknown terrorists also opened fire using automatic weapon that was identified as 23mm anti-aircraft machine gun. The rounds were flying 2-3 meters from OSCE car. The observers left that area, nobody was wounded and no damage to the vehicle.

Almost immediately, a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) was fired – from a location to the South-East – impacting approximately 150 metres from the SMM vehicle. In the space of two seconds, multiple rounds of 23mm anti-aircraft ammunition were fired, impacting two to three metres from the SMM vehicle.

– OSCE report

Kirove and Shumy in Donetsk Region

Kirove and Shumy in Donetsk Region

Reported by OSCE

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