Concentration of Russian troops in Ukraine

Concentration of Russian troops in Ukraine.

In the last 24 hours there were no fights between units of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine and terrorists. But border guard units have to control and protect Ukrainian border under tense conditions on the border with Russia.

Russian troops and terrorists continue to concentrate and regroup in Donetsk and Lugansk regions. They are getting reinforced and supplied with weapon, armored vehicles, artillery, ammunition and fuel.

On September 10 2014. Russian troops crossed the border with Ukraine at Izvaryne border control check point and the column went to the direction of Krasnodon city. In total there were 12 tanks, 48 BTRs (armoured personnel carrier), 1 BRDM (armoured patrol car), 20 trucks loaded with ammunition, 8 trucks with soldiers, 4 Air Defense vehicles, 5 trucks with fuel. At the same time few military vehicles left Ukraine and went to Russia, about 10 in total.

On September 10 2014 about 10 tanks went from the direction of border control check-point Novoazovsk to the direction of Bezimyannoye village. There are 2 GRADs (multiple rocket launchers) installed at that village.

There are about 400 military vehicles concentrated at Belyarovka village. On September 10 at about 19.00 about 78 military vehicles with Russian flags moved from Belyarovka to the direction of Amvrosievka, South direction.

From 02.00 to 03.00 on September 10 about 10 tanks and 3 “SAU” (self-propelled gun – SPG) went to the direction of Dmitrovka village (Donetsk region) through Dibrovka village.

Intelligence service reports that instructors from Russian Federation are training about 1000 terrorists in the area of Telmanova, they also have about 10 armored vehicles.

Reported by State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Border control

Border control

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