Border Guards start to restore control on Ukraine-Russia border

The head of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine Viktor Nazarenko has reported to the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko that border guard servicemen start to get the control back on problematic parts of Ukraine – Russian border.

Viktor Nazarenko said that in order to fulfill the president peace plan State Border Guard Service is making the steps to restore state border on the uncontrolled areas.

He informed the president about his meeting on October 30 with the head of Border Guard Service of Russian Federation. As a result of the meeting they signed protocol about joint control at border checkpoint Kuybysheve – Dyakovo and determined the mechanism of joint control at border checkpoints Donetsk – Izvarine and Matveev Kurgan – Uspenka.

Poroshenko meeting to the head of Border Guard Service

Poroshenko meeting to the head of Border Guard Service

The president requested to make “road map” with date when Ukrainian control over border checkpoints will be restored and custom control renewed.

The head of Ukraine also requested from the head of State Border Guard Service to prepare report before November 4 about mobile checkpoints on the front line in order to stop terrorists from coming to Ukraine. Reported at

The map below shows the part of the border which is currently controlled by pro-Russian terrorists from LPR and DPR groups.

Map of anti-terrorist operation in Ukraine

Map of anti-terrorist operation in Ukraine

The National Security and defense Council of Ukraine has reported that today at about 7 am so-called Russian humanitarian aid convoy started to move to Ukrainian territory. There were 76 vehicles and 147 people who crossed the border.

Ukrainian Border Guard Servicemen who work on the border checkpoints there could only do visual control of the trucks and cargo. But the cargo didn’t go via custom control as there was no information about it from the Russian side.

The representatives of the International Committee of Red Cross didn’t take part in transportation of the cargo. Russian side broke international and Ukrainian laws regarding transportation of humanitarian aid. According to information that Ukrainian authorities have most of the cargo is for terrorist groups as they don’t have enough supply Part of the food cargo Russians plan to give to local in front of TV cameras during fake elections on November 2. Reported by The National Security and defense Council of Ukraine.

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