ATO Press-Center reports about Ukrainian partisans active on the territories controlled by terrorists

Information for December 4 2014, 07:30 am.

In the last 24 hours terrorists made 71 attempts to attack Ukrainian Army positions using artillery and mortars fire and other type of weapon.

Here is a list of towns and villages that got shelled: Zolote, Popasna, Stanytsia Luhanska, Donetskiy, Shchastya, Tryokhizbenka, Kryakivka, Vilhove, Novobahmutovka, Opytnoye, Tonenke, Donetsk Airport, Avdiyivka, Novokalynovo, Bogdanovka, Krasnogorivka, Zelene Pole, Stepne, Pisky, Kamenka, Mius, Chornuhino, Nikishyno, Artemovo, Kamyanka, Debaltsevo, Vuglehirsk.

The situation on Mariupol direction. Terrorists were shelling at Vynogradne, Talakivka, Lomakyne, Vodyane, Chermalyk. Ukrainian forces strengthen means of counteraction to fight with saboteur groups and enemy UAV in this sector.

We got information from partisan unit which is active on the territory of Donetsk Region. On December 1 in cooperation with Ukrainian Army the warriors of the that unit eliminated about 50 terrorists on a farm near Staromyhailivka village. Next day they reduced the amount of “great warriors of Russian World” and killed another 10 terrorists. Same day they continued to “play” with terrorists in cooperation with Ukrainian Army near Petrivka village. Partisans eliminated 50 terrorist. So during two days partisans cleaned their land from 110 mercenaries.

In the last 24 hours artillery of ATO (Anti-Terrorist Operation) made 45 fire strikes to suppress firing positions of mercenaries.

Staromyhaiilivka on the map

Staromyhaiilivka on the map

Reported by ATO Press-Center.

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