Anti-Terrorist Operation in Ukraine. ATO Press-Center report for today.

Actual Information for November 28  2014 published today at 7.00 am.

In the last 24 hours there was increase in military activity from the side of terrorists and Russian mercenaries

There were 47 attempts to attack ATO (Anti-Terrorist Operation) forces. None of those attacks were successful. All attempts of fans of “Russian world” to show their brutality were stopped by Ukrainian warriors.

The real bone in the throat for the terrorist are the positions of Ukrainian troops in the area of Donetsk airport. Active defense from the side of our “cyborgs” provokes the enemy do hysteric attacks. They use mortars and artillery fire and rocket launcher systems. Every their attack gets stopped.

For example, terrorists were trying to storm the fortified positions of our troops near Nikishyno village 3 times. Ukrainian warriors met intruders with fire from all kind of weapon they had with active artillery support. The enemy run away from the battlefield.

Separatists and Russian mercenaries constantly loose a lot of people and complain to their masters regarding their military failures.

Getting angry with their disability to weaken ATO defense, terrorists fire from all type of weapon at peaceful cities and villages.

In Lugansk Region they were shelling at Artema, Tryokhizbenka, Stanytsia Luhanska, Shchastya, Verhnya Vilhova, Heyyvka, Vilhove, Prychepylovka.

In the area of Donetsk and Devaltsevo they were shelling at Peski, Slavne, Novomyhaylivka, Berezove, Opytne, Tonenke, Mariynka, Vesele, Novobahmutovka, Troitske, Nikishyne, Artemove, Orlovo-Ivanivka, Shumy, Kamyanka.

4 civilians were wounded as a result of shelling from the side of terrorists at Stanytsia Luhanska from the direction of Lugansk city.

In order to protect life and health of civil population from the provocations from the side of terrorists, Ukrainian artillery made 29 fire strikes. We are checking information about the loss from the enemy side.

In one of the sectors ATO forces shot down terrorists UAV when it tried to fly over Ukrainian Army positions using anti-aircraft ZU-23-2, it was probably made in Russia.

Reported by ATO Press-Center

Here you can check big size map of Anti-Terrorist operation published by Security and Defense Council of Ukraine at

Detailed map of Anti-Terrorist Operation in Ukraine

Detailed map of Anti-Terrorist Operation in Ukraine

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