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Security Service of Ukraine neutralized terrorist group of DPR that had Russian citizens

Counter-intelligence unit of Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) together with units of Ukrainian Army of Ukraine captured saboteurs who attacked one of the Ukrainian checkpoints in Donetsk Region.

That group had a task to collect information about Ukrainian Army checkpoints in Donetsk Region near Telmanove and to coordinate artillery fire of the terrorists.

Also the group had an order to capture Ukrainian soldier and get elements of Ukrainian Army uniform.

The terrorist group of DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) had 2 Ukrainian citizens, one of them had ID of a scout of a unit #08801 of Ministry of Defense of DPR. There were also 2 citizens of Russian Federation in that group who live in Voronezh and Lipetsk cities.

During the attack 3 terrorists were wounded and captured. One Russian mercenary died.

IDs of terrorists of DPR

IDs of terrorists of DPR

Weapon used by terrorists of DPR

Weapon used by terrorists of DPR

Reported by Security Service of Ukraine

UK embassy in Ukraine published instructions how to recognize Russian tanks seen in Ukraine.

The embassy of United Kingdom in Ukraine has published short instructions how to recognize Russian tanks in Ukraine on their twitter account. The tank type T-72BM is only used by Russian Army and has never been used by Ukrainian Army. In the published graphics they show images of Russian tanks that were seen in Ukraine

Russian tanks in Ukraine

Russian tanks in Ukraine

President Poroshenko Decree regarding occupied territories. Full text.

President Decree

President Decree

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed the Decree that is activating the decision of The National Security and defense Council of Ukraine made on November.

The decision of NSDC says that local authorities created according to results of pseudo-elections in some areas of Donetsk and Lugansk Region that took place on November 2 were formed contradict to Constitutions and Laws of Ukraine. NSDC supported the decision of the President to offer new law to the Parliament of Ukraine that will cancel the law “About special status of local authorities in some areas of Donetsk and Lugansk Regions”

NSDC orders to the Cabinet of Ministers to provide humanitarian aid to people in Donetsk and Lugansk Regions, to determine the sources of financing the payments for used energy resources, to provide supply of electricity and gas for the territories of Lugansk and Donetsk Regions, to implement special way of accounting of tax payers and collecting taxes on the certain areas in the zone of Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO), to make easier the procedures of restoration work on the territories of Donetsk and Lugansk Regions, to develop a program of retraining and providing place of work for internal migrants

According to decision of NSDC the government should stop the work of state companies and institutions in some areas that are in the zone of ATO and evacuate the personal (if they agree); if it’s possible the property and documents  and also state employees of local government must be moved to work in other ares out of ATO zone.

In order avoid the increase of Government debt special way of centralized accounting should be implemented.

Ministry of Justice of Ukraine must relocate institutions of State Penal Service of Ukraine and prisoners and make proposals about relocating judges from some areas of ATO zone to another regions of Ukraine.

Ministry of Finance of Ukraine in a week must present for Cabinet of Ministers a project of a concept of functioning of financial system of Ukraine under conditions of Free Economic Zone “Krym” and take into consideration the decision of NSDC regarding certain areas of Donetsk and Lugansk Regions. And the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry must fix the objects of power, gas and heating supply of Lugansk and Donetsk Regions.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with Ministry of Justice should inform the General Secretary of European Council about actions taken by Ukrainian Government for some areas on the territory of ATO that don’t follow international obligations of the country in the field of human rights and freedoms, but are necessary because of danger for Ukrainian Nation, and those Ministries should inform international community, powerful foreign political, governmental, business and cultural circles, foreign media about the reasons of such actions from Ukrainian side.

NSDC also offers to National Bank of Ukraine in one month term take actions in order to block accounts of companies and people in some areas of ATO zone.

Posted on President of Ukraine website.

AZOV eliminated Russian military unit at Dokuchajevsk

AZOV batallion

AZOV batallion

Press-center of volunteer battalion of National Guard of Ukraine “AZOV” reports that they have destroyed Russian military unit that was shelling at the direction of Azov-Mariupol. Russians lost up to 170 people in killed.

The units of Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) attacked positions of Russian Army at Dokuchajevsk city in Donetsk Region. One of the divisions was totally eliminated. The enemy lost up to 170 men. That unit had 300 mm rocket launcher systems “Smerch” (fire range 20-120 km) they had about 4 of such systems. Probably two other divisions of that brigade are located on other positions of Russian-Ukrainian border.

Dokuchajevsk on the map

Dokuchajevsk on the map

Reported by AZOV press-center.

More Russian tanks in Donetsk today. Video.

More Russian tanks have been taken on a video today in Donetsk. Those are same tanks that were seen in Russia near Ukrainian border few days ago when they were transported by railways. The tanks have same transportation marks on them.

OSCE saw Russian military convoys in Donetsk

Special Monitoring Mission of OSCE in Ukraine has been criticized a lot for ignoring Russian military activity on the territory of Lugansk and Donetsk regions controlled by pro-Russian terrorist groups of LPR and DPR. Finally after numerous reports in social networks with videos of Russian tanks OSCE mentioned that in their report. They still don’t say directly that those tanks are Russian. In total they report 40 military trucks with soldiers and fuel and 19 trucks with howitzers and soldiers, armored vehicles, 4 tanks type T-72 and 5 tanks type T-64.

Below is the videos of the Russian military convoys that OSCE reported 2 days ago

In the city of Donetsk and in Makeevka (25km north-east of Donetsk city), in “DPR”-controlled territory, the SMM observed convoys of heavy weapons and tanks.

At 13:55hrs, on the eastern outskirts of Makeevka (25km north-east of Donetsk), within territory under control of the “Donetsk People’s Republic” (“DPR”), the SMM observed a convoy of more than 40 trucks and tankers moving west on highway H-21.

Of these 19 were large trucks – Kamaz type, covered, and without markings or number plates – each towing a 122mm howitzer and containing personnel in dark green uniforms without insignia. Fifteen were Kraz troop carriers. The SMM was on the move and could therefore not ascertain the contents of these. The remaining six were small fuel tankers, fitted with cranes. The SMM observed an unmarked BTR armoured personnel carrier leading the convoy, with a tarpaulin over the gun.

At 15:20hrs, at the intersection of Leninskyi Street and Kuprin Street (7km south-west of Donetsk city centre) the SMM observed a convoy of nine tanks – four T72 and five T64 – moving west, also unmarked.

OSCE report

Today SMM of OSCE has also reported 2 more military convoys near Donetsk with 17 military trucks in each column, 12 of the trucks had howitzers.

At 11:20hrs, in the area of Sverdlove (15km east of Donetsk city), the SMM observed a convoy of 17 unmarked, green ZiL (Moscow Likhachov Plant) trucks, moving west. Five of them were towing Grad multiple-launch rocket systems. Two were loaded with ammunition crates. The SMM did not see any individuals or persons in uniform travelling on these trucks.

At 11:35hrs, on the H-21 road near Zuhres (41km east of Donetsk city), the SMM observed another convoy, this one consisting of 17 unmarked, green KamAZ (Kama Automobile Plant) trucks, also moving west. Twelve of these were towing 122mm Howitzers. The SMM did not see any individuals or persons in uniform travelling on these trucks.


OSCE report

Here is a video of the convoy posted today by National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine.

Security Service of Ukraine published video of terrorists in Donetsk Airport

Today Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) has published a video from security cameras of Donetsk International Airport.

On the video one of the the SSU officer from Donetsk Region department in May 2014 using his own magnetic card let the terrorists of DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) group to enter administrative building of Donetsk Airport. Among the terrorists there was the head of terrorist group “Vostok” Hodakovskiy and so-called minster of self-proclaimed DPR Boroday.

Security Service of Ukraine prevented terrorist attacks in Lviv. Video.

Ammo used by terrorists

Ammo used by terrorists

Security Service of Ukraine arrested dangerous terrorist group that planned terrorist attacks in Lviv.

In the group that called themselves “Kuznetsov unit” there were 5 citizens of Ukraine who were recruited by Russian Federations intelligence service. The members of the saboteur group were trained in a camp for mercenaries on the territory of Russian Federation.

The terrorists were planning explosions on the territory of Lviv Region, on infrastructure and defense objects. Criminals had a task to destabilize the situation in the area and to scare population and start panic in the region. Their activity was coordinated by representatives of Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

On November 4 Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) arrested all members of the group before they made terrorist attacks. The terrorists planned to blow up an object of transport infrastructure of Lviv.

At the apartments where the members of the group were living SSU found 4 grenades “RG-42″ and instructions how to make explosive devices.

Reported by Security Service of Ukraine

Foreigners are not allowed to leave conflict zone in Donetsk and Lugansk if they got there illegally

Border Control Checkpoint

Border Control Checkpoint

State Border Guard Service of Ukraine published the rules of getting in and out of the territory of Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) in some parts of Lugansk and Donetsk Regions. They had to do that as some Border Guard checkpoints are under control of pro-Russian terrorists. According to international rules, Russian Federation should close Border Guard checkpoints from their part of the border, but they don’t do that. So a lot people are moving in and out Ukraine via those checkpoints and that they break Ukrainian laws.

In case there will be people without citizenship who entered the territory of Ukraine via border control checkpoints that don’t function on the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk Regions, those people are not allowed to leave the territory of ATO.

1. People get to the territory of ATO according to requirements of Part 1, Article 33 of Constitution and the laws of Ukraine: 

“About Counter-terrorism” (Part 5 Article. 5, Article 14, Paragraph 5 Part 1 Article 15);

“About legal status of foreigners and people without citizenship” (Part 3 Article 15);

“About state border of Ukraine” (Part 1 Article 9);

“About State Border Guard Service of Ukraine” (Article 2, Paragraph 6, 8 Article 19, Paragraph 4, 7 Article 20).

Ukrainian citizens come to the territory of ATO and leave it via checkpoints by showing:

passport of the citizen of Ukraine;

passport of the citizen of Ukraine for travelling abroad;

diplomatic passport of Ukraine;

service passport of Ukraine;

child travel document;

sailor ID;

crew member certificate;

temporal ID of Ukrainian citizen;

child’s birth certificate (for children younger than 16 years old).

2. Foreigners and people without citizenship enter the territory of ATO and leave it via checkpoints showing same documents that they use to enter and leave Ukraine as defined by Article 15 in the Code of Ukraine “About legal status of foreigners and people without citizenship” if they have:

passport ID;

visa or permanent or temporal residency in Ukraine, if there is no other protocol of entering and leaving Ukraine is not defined by Ukrainian or International agreement.

Reported by State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Ukraine plans to cancel membership in Commonwealth of Independent States

Ukraine plans to leave Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), that was reported by the ambassador of Ukraine in Azerbaijan Aleksandr Mishchenko. He said that on Wednesday during press-conference of “Interfax-Azerbaijan” news agency.

The reason for such step is that the members of this organization didn’t make any steps to stop Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Aleksandr Mishchenko pointed out that Kiev was addressing to the leaders of the countries who are the members of CIS with a proposition to come for a meeting in Ukraine to discus the aggression of one of the members of this organization against Ukraine.

Unfortunately our colleagues didn’t hear our call, so Kiev is discussing a question of leaving the organization said Aleksanr Mishchenko.

The ambassador of Ukraine in Azerbaijan Aleksandr Mishchenko

The ambassador of Ukraine in Azerbaijan Aleksandr Mishchenko

Reported by